Accent Equity focuses on private Nordic companies
What we do
We have worked with investments in private companies in the Nordics since 1994.

We believe in creating value for investors through expert advice and empowering portfolio companies to reach new heights. Through experience, engagement and a long-term mindset, we create significant value and enable outstanding returns.

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Our investment criteria
Our investment and enhancement approach
Our non-profit support
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Investment criteria
Accent Equity invests in private Nordic companies where a new partner or owner can serve as a catalyst.

We are continuously asked to search and investigate investment opportunities. The commitment to this segment is a direct result of Accent Equity's proven investment strategy, successful track record and experience within this segment.

The below criteria is applicable for new platform investments, but we are always looking for add-on opportunities for existing portfolio companies as well - meaning we also are interested in assessing companies that necessarily do not fit these criteria. Please contact us and let us evaluate a potential investment with you!
Mature companies and later stage expansion capital investments in companies with proven and scalable business models.
Key characteristics
Strong and motivated management teams, proven business models, sustainable earnings and cash flow, and dedication to ESG.
Geographic focus
Companies with head offices in the Nordic countries (but add-ons can be outside of the Nordics).
Sector focus
Diversified - we focus on investment opportunities where we can add value by applying our experience and investment strategy, regardless of sector.
Size of investment
Initially at least SEK 100 million (~ EUR 10 million) in equity investment, meaning we mostly target companies with EBITA of SEK 20-100 million (~ EUR 2-10 million).
Flexible, but mainly control investments as lead investor (>50%). The holding period is usually 3-6 years.

Investment statistics on executed investments
Investment and enhancement approach
We are not industry specialists - we aim to be the best possible owners. This includes providing each company with the best possible conditions to develop its full potential.
Setting mutual long-term goals with portfolio company Management teams is a critical factor for creating value. We are very dedicated and always committed to being a good sounding board to the Management teams and co-owners.
The main priority is profitable growth, both organically and through acquisitions. We focus on sustainable improvements for long-term results and provide capital for investments if needed.
We have broad experience from establishing and developing internal processes and structures in entrepreneurial companies, and ensure commitment from key employees through Management incentive programs.
Social responsibility
We conduct our business in a manner that is responsible. We do not tolerate discrimination on grounds of race, gender, religion, color, nationality, disability or on any other ground, and attach great importance to environmental, health and safety issues.
Together Scholarship
Accent Equity Partners AB ordained a scholarship in 2012 named "Tillsammans" (Together).

The Scholarship is awarded to persons or non-profit organisations in the Nordic countries that have made achievements that bring people together. This includes all good forces in the Nordics who realise the importance of cooperation to create sustainable change within society, the school system, sports and other non-profit organisations. Portfolio companies owned by Accent Equity Funds nominate the candidates for the Scholarship.
The following scholarship recipients have all received a sum of money in support of their non-profit activities:
(i) Monon Side ry, (ii) MENATEKET, (iii) Rett Fram Opplevelser, (iv) Asociatia Daruieste Bucurie, and (v) Lokala Hjälpen Västerås
(i) Jontefonden, (ii) Østhallen, (iii) Ellas hjältar, (iv) Nattvandrarna Bjuv, (v) Varbergs Parasport, and (vi) Tășuleasa Social
(i) Kvinnojouren Ulricehamn, (ii) Kirkens SOS, (iii) Solväders FC - Football for girls' initiative, (iv) The Lahti Region Scout Association, (v) MIND, (vi) Hammerum IF, and (vii) Hofors AIF & Torsåkers IF
(i) Aldrig Ensam, (ii) Handbollsskola för alla, (iii) Sverige Walking Football, (iv) United People FC, (v) Mind, (vi) Giving People, (vii) Trygghetsvärdsbilen Norrort, (viii) Malmö Majblommeförening, and (ix) Muntadher Dakhil
(i) Støtteforeningen for Kreftrammede, Superselma, (ii) Kulladals FF, (iii) Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Lokalnego w Miałach, (iv) Mind, (v) Vetlanda BK U07, (vi) Solväders FC, and (vii) Stockholm Framefotboll
(i) Mariana Morosanu in Jönköping, (ii) Olympic basketball club in Göteborg, (iii) Blixtarna basketball club in Stockholm, (iv) Hillareds Idrottsförening in Svenljunga, and (v) Fryshuset
Läkare Utan Gränser / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
(i) IF Roslagens Special Olympics (sports for disabled), (ii) Glädjeverkstan, (iii) Giving People, and (iv) Grunden BOIS (sports for mentally disabled)
Accent Academy
Accent Academy is a tailor-made and much appreciated management programme for current and future key individuals within Accent Equity's portfolio companies.

The programme is operated in close co-operation with SSE Executive Education with the aim to strengthen the participants in their daily roles and develop their skills within areas such as leadership, communication, financials, negotiations and sustainability.

The program has been running annually since 2016.