Accent Equity has a true dedication to sustainability and believe that a systematic approach is critical in attaining increased profitability and long-term growth
Our sustainability approach
Accent Equity recognises that sustainability is an essential part in driving long-term value creation and transforming companies into leaders. Therefore, sustainability is integrated throughout all investment activities and a fundamental part in driving sustainable value for investors and stakeholders in the portfolio companies owned by the Accent Equity Funds.

This approach is expressed in Accent Equity's responsible investment policy applied by the Accent Equity Funds. The policy contains guidelines and principles for the role of sustainability throughout the investment cycle.

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Our values and principles are outlined in our code of conduct: View/download
We are committed to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement
Accent Equity has committed to set science-based emissions reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement's goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We acknowledge the critical role financial institutions and corporations play for climate change mitigation and strongly believe that the commitment to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) is a necessity to create resilient companies with sustainable returns.

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Sustainability Report
We strive for transparency in the approach for incorporating sustainability issues throughout the investment cycle, and regularly monitor progress and outcomes.

The sustainability report contains data on and description of Accent Equity's status and progress, as well as the current portfolio companies.

The 2023 report can be found here.

Our fund level focus areas
Accent Equity has developed four strategic focus areas to work with across the portfolio during the elevation phase of each portfolio company. In addition to focus areas, Accent Equity focuses on supporting portfolio companies in developing company-specific strategies and strengthens the integration of sustainability into the core of the business by working closely with the management teams.
  • Minimise climate impact
    Accent Equity will minimise the climate impact coming from its investment activities in alignment with the Paris Agreement, and work toward net zero emissions by 2050. Therefore, Accent Equity supports the portfolio companies with implementing climate strategies in alignment with the Paris agreement and the 1.5°C degree targets. Reducing GHG emissions in line with climate science will protect the portfolio from climate-related risks, ensure resilience within their business and drive long term growth and innovation
  • Gender equal boards and management teams
    Accent Equity promotes diverse workplaces, with a special focus on increasing the portfolio companies' gender representation at the board level and promote gender equal management teams. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • Safe and sustainable work environments
    We recognise that all workplaces should be safe and secure, and supportive of a healthy work-life. Accent Equity will actively work to promote and implement healthy and safe work environments in all portfolio companies.
  • Ethical business practices
    We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Wherever we operate, effective controls and measures are enforced and required of the portfolio companies. We require appropriate whistleblower systems to be in place within portfolio companies to report and escalate any suspected wrongdoings, including suspicion of bribery, fraud or other criminal activity, miscarriages of justice, health and safety risks, damage to the environment and any breach of legal norms or professional obligations.
Sustainability-related disclosures
As the alternative investment fund managers of Accent Equity 2017 AB and its feeder fund, Accent Equity 2017 L.P., (in this section, jointly the "Fund"), it is one of Accent Equity's missions to create sustainable value for investors and stakeholders in the portfolio companies owned by the Fund. We are committed to adhering to the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) ((EU) 2019/2088) and believe that the incorporation of ESG considerations into our business model is a significant component to build lasting values.

The Fund is a financial product that promotes environmental or social characteristics and classifies as an Article 8 product in the classification of the SFDR.

For further information, we refer to our SFRD disclosures regarding the Fund and our investment-making process: View/Download

For further information on the SFDR-disclosures for the alternative investment fund manager Accent Equity VII Manager AB:

Principle Adverse Impact Statement 2023 Accent Equity VII Manager AB:

Accent Equity has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2012 and was then one of the first signatories in Sweden. As signatories to the PRI, we are committed to abide by and promote the following guiding principles for advising responsible investment and will actively advise and support the Accent Equity Funds to adhere to these PRI Principles in making and managing investments.
  1. To incorporate ESG issues in the processes for investment analyses and decision-making processes;
  2. To be active owners and to incorporate ESG issues into ownership policies and practices;
  3. To seek appropriate disclosures on ESG issues by the entities in which the Accent Equity Funds invest;
  4. To promote acceptance and implementation of the PRI Principles within the investment industry;
  5. To enhance effectiveness in implementing the PRI Principles; and
  6. To report on activities and progress towards implementing the PRI Principles
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